Dr. John Mack Feature Film Developing Screenplay

May 18, 2014 — A crowd-sourcing effort to pay for the development of the screenplay of the John Mack feature film is underway.

The Boston Globe (May 15, 2014) reports that producer Denise David Williams “spent over a year partnered with Robert Redford’s Wildwood Productions, but left, she says, ‘when the direction they wanted to go veered too far from [my] vision of the film.'” Earlier news of the effort (including a mention in Vanity Fair) noted that a rough storyline has been developed based on the career of Dr. John Mack, whose explorations of his patients’ alien encounters earned him the scorn of his Harvard peers, and the admiration of thousands of “experiencers”.

On the film’s website, Williams explains that after the script is written she will return to the studio system, though it is not clear if that means a return to Redford’s company or to other interested companies. She is trying to raise up to one million dollars for the script development and other initial steps. The film’s actual budget will far exceed this initial sum – the film is designed as a typical multi-million-dollar dramatic motion picture.

Extensive research materials (including Dr. Mack’s own unpublished manuscript about Harvard’s secret inquiry into his work) have been secured from the Mack family. Various family members, friends, colleagues, and even some of the experiencers who worked with Dr. Mack, have shared their recollections with the producer. One experiencer has recorded a video endorsement of the effort, available on the film’s website: JohnMackMovie.com

See JohnMackMovie.com for details.

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