Exploring the Frontiers of Human Experience

The John E. Mack Institute (JEMI) is named in recognition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. John E. Mack (1929-2004). Through his warmth, compassion, and courageous examination of the human experience, John had a profound impact upon the many lives he touched. His work was defined by a fierce commitment to those who most needed his advocacy. His legacy still resonates with the deep intelligence he employed in his exploration of the ways in which human perceptions and beliefs about reality influence the wellbeing of all life on earth.

In his passing, John left behind an unfinished body of research along with a community of experiencers, scholars, researchers, and mental health professionals who are once again finding themselves drawn into the same, enigmatic field of study that so confounded the gatekeepers of human knowledge during the last two decades of the 20th century.

As this renewed interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and alien-contact encounters reemerges in the mainstream dialog, it is with our deepest respect for John’s unique contribution to humankind’s understanding of the phenomenon that we commit to building upon the foundation he created through his life’s work.


JEMI is a non-profit home for independent projects dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. Project leaderships are autonomous and benefit from the support of JEMI’s board of advisors and an ecosystem of like-minded cultural influencers. All programs adhere to rigorous protocols appropriate to their disciplines and have the freedom to pursue scientific, academic and sociocultural endeavors that align with JEMI’s core values and mission.

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