John E. Mack: A Portrait

Stéphane Allix, INREES

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Stéphane Allix a rencontré John Mack en 2003. Cet éminent psychiatre américain qui inspirera la création de l’INREES, est le premier spécialiste en santé mentale à s’être intéressé sérieusement aux personnes prétendant avoir été « enlevées par des extraterrestres ».

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Mack, the Life

by Harvey A. Silverglate

In snubbing professor John Mack’s memorial, ‘official Harvard’ testifies to the power of his brilliant unconventionality

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Rememberance of John E. Mack, M.D.: Jane Hughes Gignoux

John and I grew up across the street from one another on the upper Westside of Manhattan. We actually met and discovered this slimmest of connections one evening in 1981, when we were both back in our old neighborhoods for a small conference on the environment (John was a presenter), and found ourselves seated next to one another at a dinner in the undercroft of the Synod House on the grounds of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. When I mentioned that I had grown up on the Cathedral grounds, my father having been the headmaster of the Choir School, he gave me an intense, fiery look. “My best friend went off to that school; he disappeared through those iron gates and I never saw him again!” Clearly the nine year old John was still carrying strong feelings about that long ago unexpected separation—his first “abduction” experience.

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The Aliens are Always with Us

by Bryan Appleyard

A Harvard professor killed in London last week had been vilified for his belief in the ‘third realm’. His theories may not be as mad as some think says Bryan Appleyard

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Remembrance of John E. Mack, M.D.: Will Bueché

Interview by Sean Casteel

No one could quite believe the news of Monday, September 27, 2004.

“At this time,” the posting on the website read, “we must with great sorrow confirm that Dr. John Mack has passed away in London, England.”

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Remembrance of John E. Mack, M.D.: Stanislav Grof

Originally published as “Reflections on Breathwork and Alien Encounter Experiences: Stan Grof’s Recollections”, by Stanislav Grof, M.D., The Inner Door, vol. 15, no. 3, August 2003. The full length article (not available here) includes statements from John E. Mack, M.D. and Elizabeth Gibson, in addition to the recollections of Stan Grof, M.D.

John and I met in 1987 at a meeting in the Big House of the Esalen Institute, a beautiful mansion perched on a cypress-covered cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Big Sur Coast. This small working conference was organized by the Soviet-American Friendship program, initiated by Michael and Dulce Murphy as a channel for “grassroot diplomacy.” It involved four prominent Soviet scientists and representatives of foremost American academic and research institutions, including John Mack, Candace Pert, and Dean Ornish.

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Dr John Mack in the Arts

A sampling of some artistic endeavors including plays and comic strips that credit, portray, or otherwise make reference to John Mack.

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