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AUGUST 2012 — The John E. Mack Institute (JEMI) is pleased to announce an alignment between a television production company and JEMI for the creation of a television series that will explore the meaning of alien encounter experiences via open-minded interviews with experiencers.

The board of JEMI believes the proposed series, currently in development under the title “Xperiencers”, is in line with the research Dr. Mack conducted under the PEER project at JEMI (the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research) in the 1990s and early ’00s; the series will continue his efforts to give voice to the diversity of men and women whose lives have been affected by extraordinary experiences.

More info to come as the series takes shape.

A statement from the Xperiencers producers:

An unspoken bond is shared between “experiencers” (those who have had extraordinary experiences with apparently alien beings).

Sometimes when experiencers are brought together, there is an unexplained sense of recognition, and insights about their experiences flow more freely than when they are isolated from one another.

Therefore, our intention is to bring experiencers together and to record their insights. Each person may have a piece of a larger puzzle that, when assembled, could present a more complete picture of this phenomenon.

Our team members themselves have lived through extraordinary experiences. Each has been propelled by the initial shockwave to question their life goals, religious beliefs, relationships, and even their own sanity. We remember the late Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, who felt that once we learn to move past the fear, these encounters can be the most amazing events a human can experience.

Our Xperiencers Team understands how it feels to be labeled “crazy” as perspectives shift and personalities transform. Having set down safely on the other side of this difficult process, our team is able to listen with empathy and understanding to others who are now going through, or have gone through, the same transformation.

We are not psychiatrists or therapists. Our goal is simply to amass the best insights from men and women around the world who have experienced these paradoxically invasive and enlightening events. It is our hope that each participant may feel some peace and release from having been able to share their most valuable insight with us.

We make no judgement about whether these events are caused by “aliens” in any sense of the word. We only know that these events are real to those who experience them, and we hope that together, in connection with one another, we may come closer to the truth.

Xperiencers is a collaboration between Jim O’Connell’s X Marks the Spot Entertainment and the John E. Mack Institute.

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 — The John E. Mack Institute (JEMI) is pleased to have offered guidance during the development of the Xperiencers program. Our year-long affiliation with the production has concluded. As the program moves into production without our collaboration1 we wish it well. We’d particularly like to thank the co-producer with whom we worked most, who has since left the production, for her efforts to bring a refined tone to the program.

We believe there is much to be learned from extraordinary experiences; the experiences commonly referred to as “alien encounters” seem to reveal opportunities for humanity to expand beyond its current precarious state of affairs in bold and dramatic ways – opportunities that many (including the late Dr. John Mack) have feared we will fail to take. Presenting material of such import with the respect and sensitivity it deserves is an exceptionally difficult prospect, and one that we cannot yet say if this program, absent our collaboration, will achieve.

For further information please visit X Marks the Spot’s Xperiencers.com and the Xperiencers Facebook page.

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 13, 2015 — The producer of Xperiencers, Jim O’Connell, passed away on September 9, 2015.

1 Reportedly now being developed as a 6-episode web series, without any guidance from the John E. Mack Institute.

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  1. I am an experiencer. Having read Abduction twice in the mid-90s, and having just finished reading Passport To The Cosmos, now sadly (albeit joyful for him) finding out one of my life heros, Dr. Mack, has crossed over, finally finding you, I can only say that, to the degree that you do not exaggerate the truth is to the degree that you’ll be serving the greater good in this universe and on Earth. Don’t give in to pressure from anyone just as Dr. Mack didn’t. Just tell it like it is, folks, for truth, in this case, is more than just “stranger than fiction;” it is necessary for the survival of many “out there,” the human race and all species on this planet, and Mother Earth Herself. What happens on Earth affects all, everywhere.

    1. I am also an experiencer. My contact experience gave me the name of a patient of Dr John Mack’s. At the time I had no idea who he was. I was in contact with her only a couple of months before his death. At the time I knew they gave me her name for a reason, and now I fully understand what that reason is. My first conscious contact experience happened the same year as his death. It took me years to come to terms with this, but it makes me feel not so alone knowing that there are other experiencers out there just like me. Thank you for this project, because I know that most of us experiencers need to find others like us, and I know many feel as isolated from this society as I do.

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