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Ariel Phenomenon (2022) explores the infamous Ariel School UFO sighting witnessed by over sixty schoolchildren in Zimbabwe in 1994. The story covers a former student’s journey back to the African school – the place that, at the age of nine, shattered her reality. Interviews with witnesses, now scattered across the globe, ask the question many have struggled with for over two decades: what happens when you experience something so extraordinary that nobody believes you? Produced by Randall Nickerson.

Encounters (2023)
Episode 2 of Netflix’s docuseries explores the infamous Ariel School UFO sighting. In 1994, over 60 children at a Zimbabwe school claimed to have seen aliens. Years later, witnesses maintain their accounts, while others are skeptical. Directed by Yon Motskin.

UFO (2021)
Ignited by the bombshell New York Times story revealing the Pentagon had been tracking UFOs for years, this 4-part Showtime docuseries examines the history of the phenomenon through cultural and political touchpoints, including testimony from eyewitnesses across the country. Produced by JJ Abrams. (Ep 1 is free on YouTube; the rest are on Showtime.) John Mack’s work is examined in episode 4; the show’s expert on Mack is Greg Eghigian, a historian of science and medicine at Penn State. Mack appears in interview clips from various 1990s television programs including the Australian version of 60 Minutes, Larry King, Charlie Rose, Oprah, and NBC’s Dateline.

The Phenomenon (2020)
The acclaimed documentary that recounts UFO experiences from several different decades – including sightings by US Navy aircraft in 2004 and 2015. John Mack appears briefly in one segment near the end of the program. Produced by James Fox.

Experiencers (aka Enlevés) (2004)
Someone’s upload of the English version of an otherwise unavailable French documentary about Dr John Mack and the people who shared their experiences with him. Dr Mack passed away before filming was completed, and his memorial service is shown. Produced by Stéphane Allix.

Beyond: When the Aliens Landed at Harvard (2019)
An excerpt from INREES streaming video series produced by Stéphane Allix and Sébastien Lilli. Allix reflects back on his interview with John Mack (which he’d conducted for his documentary film Enlevés). In French, with Mack’s interview in English with French subtitles.

Touched (2003) – Amazon Prime · Vimeo
An award-winning documentary film featuring experiencers who were interviewed by Dr John Mack. Best Documentary, 2003 Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto. Best Documentary, 2004 Intl UFO Congress, Nevada. “A uniquely contemplative perspective on the alien abduction phenomenon … presents the ‘experiencers’ and their stories with sensitivity and without judgement.” – Boston’s Weekly Dig.
Produced by by Laurel Chiten.

Contact (1998)
An unavailable episode of the documentary series Everyman, produced by Nikki Stockley of the BBC’s Religious Programming division. Visions of the mysterious and supernatural have always been part of some people’s world. Once it was Gods and angels, now it seems it’s extraterrestrials. Here, people who claim to have been abducted talk openly and movingly about their experiences. Featuring Dr John Mack.

Audio Documentaries

Abduction, Alienation and Reason
BBC Radio 4, broadcast June 8, 2005
(30 min, 192kbps, mp3)

Also available in higher quality
(30 min, lossless, .flac)

Synopsis: The late John E Mack was a highly respected Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University and a Pulitzer Prize winner for his work on TE Lawrence. In 1983 he founded the Centre for Psychology and Social Change (now the John Mack Institute) and was at the forefront of original research at Harvard University’s Cambridge Hospital. In the early 1990s, he turned the academic community worldwide upside down because he wanted to publish his research in which he said that people who claimed they had been abducted by space aliens may not all be crazy after all. Abduction, Alienation And Reason is the story of one man’s battle with his academic colleagues to keep an open mind and his struggle to understand those who claim to have been abducted. His plea was as much for them as for the future of psychiatry.

Alien Abductions and Hypnosis (The Hypnotist Part 4)
The PRETEND podcast by Javier Leiva delves into alien encounters. “There are people out there who claim they encountered beings from another planet just to seek attention. But, others carry these experiences in secret…”

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Assorted Audio/Video

Many audio programs are presented throughout the website on various pages. Below are just a few stray tracks that are not available on pages of their own.

30-second soundbite statement from Dr John Mack (broadcast quality). For use by any media/press in need of a brief soundbite (29 sec, mp3)

1999.11 Dr. John Mack reads from his book, Passport to the Cosmos (5 min excerpt, mp3)

2001.05 The Prophets Conference May 2001 (67 min presentation by Dr. Mack and Dr. Veronica Goodchild, mp3)

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