Monthly Chosun magazine of South Korea reports on alien encounters; GQ magazine (UK) interviews Luis Elizondo about UAPs

Monthly Chosun (South Korea): A South Korean current affairs magazine, Monthly Chosun, touts “the first Korean media to interview ‘UFO abductees'” in its November issue. The article by Youngnam Kim includes interviews with Susan Manewich (contributor to JAR Magazine), Alan Steinfeld (editor of the new book Making Contact), and Will Bueché (archivist at the John E Mack Institute). Please note that Google’s translation services do not accurately convert Korean to English. A manual translation may become available later; we will update this item then. “‘UFO 납치 경험자들’ ‘외계인이 인종 개량을 위해 납치!’ (November 2021)

In the previous issue, Monthly Chosun covered the the US government’s report on UAPs (UFOs), presenting interviews with Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal, and Avi Loeb. “미국 정부의 UFO 보고서 발표를 이끈 주역들 한국 언론 최초 인터뷰. 이제는 ‘미확인비행물체’가 아니라 ‘실존물체’다! (October 2021)

Astronomer Avi Loeb took a public stance against experiencers in a longer version of his interview that was published on a South Korean website. Loeb stated, “Science is not about listening to people. I don’t want to talk much about the people who claim to have been abducted. It’s not my concern,” explaining, “I don’t want to talk to people. I want to look through a telescope and analyze data through a computer. My work has nothing to do with people.” (These remarks were translated; his original phrasing may have been different, e.g., he may have said “My work does not rely on people”.)

GQ magazine (UK edition): “This man ran the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme for a decade. We had some questions.” by Charlie Burton. “Early last year, the US government officially acknowledged videos of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ filmed by its Navy pilots. Was it evidence of extraterrestrials? Here, Luis Elizondo, the former Pentagon intelligence officer in charge of investigating these incidents, reveals (almost) all he knows…” (November 9, 2021)