The Believer: Audiobook edition of John Mack biography now available

July 13, 2021 — An audiobook edition of The Believer by Ralph Blumenthal is now available. The reader is Phil Thron and the running length is 12 hours and 20 minutes. The hardcover was released in March 2021.

The Believer is the true story of Dr. John Mack, the eminent Harvard psychiatrist who risked his career to investigate the phenomenon of human encounters with aliens and to give credibility to the stupefying tales shared by people who were utterly convinced they had happened.

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The Believer was independently written by former New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal, coauthor of the New York Times article in 2017 that broke the news of a secret Pentagon unit investigating UFOs.
The Believer is not endorsed by, affiliated with, authorized, or sponsored by JEMI.

“…a riveting look at the psychology of how we come to believe things. Mack’s abilities, his brilliance, flaws, hubris and mania, are anatomised with sensitivity. Readers will close the book wiser than when they opened it, and painfully aware of what they do not and perhaps can never know about Mack, about extraterrestrials and about the nature of truth.”
— Simon Ings, The Times (UK)

The Believer: A Conversation with Dan Aykroyd & Ralph Blumenthal

Live on CrowdCast: Ralph Blumenthal discusses his book about Dr John Mack, The Believer, with Dan Aykroyd. Wed, March 17, 2021 at 6:30pm PST (9:30pm EST).

Update: A replay is available; click to sign in and stream a recording of the event. (We may also post an edited version of this in the future that will smooth out some of the technical glitches.)

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Remembering Dr. John Mack

Remembering the late Dr. John Mack, and his courageous defense of “experiencers” of alien contact, on this anniversary of his birth (Oct 4, 1929).