The Joe Rogan Experience touches on the Ariel School event and Dr. John Mack

July 17, 2020 – Jeremy Corbell brings up the Ariel School event in this interview by Joe Rogan. That leads Rogan to mention that his friend Maura Tierney (with whom he was staring on the acclaimed sitcom NewsRadio) suggested that he read John Mack’s book Abduction. “This is right up your alley,” she told him, “it’s so crazy.”

Earlier in the program, Rogan explains that when asked if he believes in alien encounters, he has said, “I don’t. I don’t believe in them – but I don’t not believe in them either. I just keep a blank slate with this.”

Good advice from one of the most influential voices in podcasting.

Watch the podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience, episode 1510 with George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell (should start playing at time index 7442)