New book by Stéphane Allix

September 28, 2022 — Stéphane Allix’s interview with John Mack appears in this new book, which is in French. Available from

The interview can also be viewed in English at It was recorded in Sept 2003 at Mack’s home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while Allix was producing a documentary film.

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letter by John MackJohn Mack appears briefly in a new documentary by James Fox, Moment of Contact, which is about an event in Varginha, Brazil, in 1996. Mack ultimately did not know what to make of the case, forthrightly stating, “There are points of which I have some knowledge, and others that I do not. … With respect to the Varginha case, I was originally brought to it by Gilda Moura, a psychologist from Rio de Janeiro. Gilda is my only current connection with the case, and in my most recent discussions with her about it she said that she had developed questions, and perhaps misgivings, about the research that has been done on it. I personally have no way of evaluating its quality.”